Ravencoin Asset Names

We work to save Ravencoin Asset Names for Companies, and recover them if possible.

The created asset names are available directly from the public Ravencoin blockchain wallet and are ALL  created on a first come, first server basis. 

Ravencoin Asset tokens are 1st come, 1st served.

For this reason we do NOT advertise when a company approaches us to discuss using Ravencoin.

We want that company to have the best chance of obtaining their desired asset token name. If the desired name is not available, basically the name is already minted by another entity.

Hopefully the token has been well issued by the minter with 1 token quantity and zero decimal places as well as being issued as REISSUEABLE. If the token has not been well minted the token becomes difficult for a new owner to use to implement their tokenisation project.

Quite a few people tried to save names as a domain squatting exercise. Some with good intentions and some with greedier plans.  We know that very few sales have happened but we are happy to mediate such transactions and act as escrow if needed. 

Hopefully we can assist in completing a fair trade between buyer and seller.

Worldwide Support

We will aim to help entities and people from all countries to tokenise their projects and name them appropriately.

Knowledge is a Protection

We aim to share knowledge about what risks and benefits come with using Blockchain technology. 

Innovative security

We aim to help you secure the best possible human readable name for your project.

A name that represents you.