Raven Angels

Raven Angels are a community built around the Ravencoin blockchain to support businesses and individuals seeking to digitize their services and products.

We do support multiple decentralised blockchains using free open source software and will offer the best solution, that we know of, to fit your needs.


Why Choose Raven Angels?

Why Choose Us?

We are community based and community led. Our objective is to listen to you and find solutions that meet your needs.

We are humans and have personal preferences. We try to set them aside to best assist you and your project to achieve successful results. 


Community Driven

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This project is community driven and led. 



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We want to simply and effectively assist your decision making process. Especially  when looking at tokenisation and blockchain technology.


24/7 Availability

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We are a global community and can be available to discuss to suit your availability.

How It Works

Raven Angels are funded by community donations and community members. If you benefit from our advice, we simply as for you to pass on the knowledge where possible and support the blockchain education work however you can.



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